Skating is good.

Be it on a skateboard, quad skates, scooter, or other similar activities, there are many positive aspects. Here are a few.


Develops resiliency

When learning a new trick, or even just learning how to ride, there are many mistakes. You fall down, over and over. But getting up and getting to it is part of skating itself, and it helps build resiliency, especially in young people.


Importance of practice

You can’t get better if you don’t practice. And skaters learn that with practice you can actually get better. Good practice requires patience and long term goals and helps develop a growth mindset.


Failing is part of progress

When you skate you will fail. Many times. Failing is a part of everyone’s life, but not everyone can incorporate that reality well. Skaters learn that failing is how to grow. This is also how to develop courage and bravery.


Low boundaries to participation

With free skateparks, the only boundary to skating is a skateboard, or skates, or scooter. These, along with safety equipment, are relatively inexpensive for a life of sport.


It’s gender inclusive

The Manchester Mill has a nice write up on skating and younger women.


It improves mental health

Results from a study in 2020: “The vast majority of skaters surveyed indicated they skateboard for fun and/or to relieve stress. This finding takes on great significance in light of teen suicide rates and the prevalence of depression.” 


Promotes diverse community

That same study also finds “skaters develop the ability to communicate and build relationships with people from diverse background” (download the full report here)

There are more benefits as well. You can be a part of this for yourself and others by volunteering with Skate Chorlton.